Registered  Yoga Teacher 

     I am an international Registered Yoga Teacher, teaching classes at various yoga studios and yoga festivals. I earned my 200hr level Registered Yoga Teacher certificate and 30hr Yoga anatomy/physiology certificate in 2012. I also earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in 2010 and I just recent earned a certificate on ‘Yoga through the lens of Trauma and Incarceration’ through the Prison Yoga Project Foundation, in 2020. 
     My style of yoga teaching is in Ashtanga Vinyasa which includes slow flow, power flow, and yin yoga classes. I also enjoy teaching a movement flow class, in which I blend my background in yoga sequences, animal movements, martial arts, dance, breath work, and meditation. This flow focuses on using conscious energy in the movement and empowering the individual to embody their own expression and movement with the tools provided in the class. 
     Yoga has this way of disguising itself as a body practice but in actuality it is a mind, body and energy management system. Yoga has taught me a lot throughout the many years in my own practice, and I am always continuing to learn more. I am forever a student of myself, others and the world. 


It’s always the people who make a place